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We help Grow Your Staffing Business through
Outbound Marketing

We help staffing and recruiting agencies fill their pipeline with qualified, high-intent leads through our account-based outbound approach. 

Every business day we: 

Send up to 360 emails to a curated list of prospects  

Make 24 Warm Calls to leads who have shown intent. 

Send 2-4 Loom videos to high intent leads 

Provide you with weekly "click lists" of leads wo have visited your site

Send you weekly updates and reporting

BONUS: We create beautiful Bespoke Sales Enablement Materials to increase your closing rates 

Ready to level up your marketing for your staffing business?

About Us

"Why are you called LessLeads??"

Good question. At LessLeads, our motto is "Less Leads to More". When it comes to marketing, we keep things simple. Really simple. Borderline boring. Because that's what works. We do the same repetitive tasks over and over again because we've seen them yield results over and over again.   

We don't send you massive lead lists, and we don't send thousands of emails out per day. Our outreach is methodical and thoughtful. We re-target leads who have engaged and we deliver leads who have shown multiple signs of intent. We are about quality>quantity.

Let us do the boring, tedious work for you. 

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